We are very excited to be able to share with you our new Governance programme for the academic year 2018-2019.

Each course has been carefully designed to meet the needs of governors in all settings and phases of schools including Academies and Maintained Schools. They have been designed by experts from the Sigma Teaching School including National Leaders of Governance.

All of the courses provide governors with the skills and knowledge to confidently carry out their role in line with the governance competency framework (January 2017).

Course Pricing

All training programmes cost £95 per session. Schools and Academies wishing to book a number of sessions can buy 10 session block for the reduced price of £850.

Joining each network costs £120pa or governing bodies can attend both networks for £200pa.

Alliance members receive an additional 10% Discount.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase a block and/or would like to join Sigma TSA.

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Governance Courses

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Standard Courses

Introduction to Governance 20th Sept 201817th Jan 20199th May 2019

Holding your Headteacher to Account - tbcGovernance and Compliance - tbcThe role of Governors in the classroom - tbcPerformance data awareness – Primary Schools - tbcPerformance data awareness – Secondary Schools - tbcHealth and Safety awareness tbcFinancial awareness - tbcSafeguarding awareness - tbcSEND awareness - 11th June 2019Dealing with Complaints - 4th April 2019Measuring effective Governance - 16th May 2019Preparation for Ofsted - 4th July 2019Performance Management (PM) & Performance Related Pay (PRP) - 19th Jun 2019Managing Pupil Exclusions - tbcSafeguarding annual update for named Governors - tbcIntroduction to Coaching - 28th Feb 2019Website compliance and GDPR - 6th Jun 2019A Framework for Local Governance - 23rd May 2019

Network Courses

Clerk’s Network 18th Jun 2019
Chair’s network 25th Jun 2019

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