The Talkabout Project will help schools with these important questions about working with children who struggle with their social skills, self-esteem and friendship skills: Where do we start? What can we do? And how can we evidence what we have done?

The aim of this project is to provide support and training to all schools across Poole to enable them to provide targeted support to pupils who are currently struggling with their social communication skills, their self-esteem or their friendship skills. Each school will receive a day’s training course by Alex Kelly for 2 members of staff, a set of Talkabout resources appropriate to their school, and 2 follow up visits from a member of the Alex Kelly Ltd team. In return, they will sign a contract to agree to deliver a Talkabout group in their school for 6 pupils for a period of 20 weeks, and to provide pre and post assessment data.

We expect that all schools will see progress in the identified pupils in terms of their social skills, self-esteem and friendship skills but they will also see other benefits of the programme for children in terms of behaviour and attitude to school

If all schools wish to take part in this project, we expect to run 4 training days for up to 25 staff in one day, provide each school with a Talkabout book (secondary or primary) and a Talkabout Assessment Tool and the spreadsheets for data analysis, and offer 2 follow-up visits to each school towards the beginning of their intervention and at the end to help gather their results. We expect to publish and share the results of this project widely.

The training days:

Two members of staff will be invited to attend a day’s training course on developing social skills within a school setting run by Alex Kelly. The purpose of the day will be to introduce participants to the theory behind teaching social skills effectively and to help them to answer the 3 key questions: Where do you start? What do you do? How can you show that you have been effective?

The day will include:

  • An introduction to social skills
  • Planning where to start – a video practical exercise
  • The theory behind the hierarchy of skills
  • Assessment of social skills and self-esteem
  • Effective intervention – the different strategies to teach social skills
  • How to set up and run a social skills group
  • How to set targets and measure the effectiveness
  • Planning the way forward – the next step and the support available

The Talkabout Resources:

At the training, each school will be given a set of Talkabout Resources. Secondary schools will be given the Talkabout for Teenagers book13 and the Talkabout Assessment CD14. Primary schools and special schools will be given Talkabout for Children 1: developing self-awareness and self-esteem15 and the Talkabout Assessment CD.


The cost of the programme will be £450 for the first delegate and £150 for all additional delegates.

We will run a briefing session for Headteachers early in the Autumn Term.


Please fill out the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly.