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This page hosts resources to assist your work as an SLE for Sigma Teaching School Alliance. Please click on the download icon for the document you would like to view. This will open a new tab and begin to download the document for you.

Please check back regularly for new resources and information. If you would like to recommend any further resources that we can make available to our SLEs , please email Fritz Penn-Barwell and these can be added.

  • SLE Code of Conduct

    Details on what is expected from our SLEs. Please ensure this has been signed and returned before any partnership work is undertaken.

  • SLE Memorandum of Understanding

    This agreement outlines the nature of the relationship between Sigma SLEs, the school/academy directly employing the SLE and the client school, and clarifies the expectation and responsibility of each party.

  • Guide to SLE Deployment

    Information about the deployment of SLEs by Sigma Teaching School, including how it benefits the client schools, some of our key staff, and how to begin the process of School to School Support.

  • SLE Deployment Log

    Log to be completed on every visit to school/institution, signed by all parties to show actions that have been agreed. Please keep a copy of these logs and email to Fritz Penn-Barwell, Allinace Director.

  • Sigma Letterhead Template

    A letterhead bearing the Sigma Teaching School branding for use in official correspondence.

    (Sigma SLE and Staff use only)

  • Sigma Presentation Template

    A powerpoint presentation template bearing the Sigma Teaching School branding for use in training.

    (Sigma SLE and Staff use only)