Sigma Teaching School is committed to providing high-quality professional development opportunities to support teaching professionals at every stage of their career. Taking the best evidence-based practice nationally as well as from across our alliance of schools, we offer a wide variety of inspiring courses focused on developing:

  • Improved outcomes for pupils
  • Delivering measurable and significant impact
  • Collaboration within our Alliance of schools and beyond
  • Sustainable solutions for schools
  • Strategic long-term planning to meet the needs of our Alliance members

 Our 2021-2022 CPD Training  

Working to deliver effective and engaging CPD training still presents challenges for us all. It means we must try to find ways to work within ‘the new normal’.

Here at Sigma, we have implemented a few changes to respond to the situation, therefore all our Sigma colleagues continue to work from home with a gradual return to the office.  Should you wish to contact us, please click here

It is for this reason we have decided to keep all our 2021-2022 courses and information sessions online. 

Online Training

From September 2020 we will be using webinars to deliver our CPD courses rather than face to face training. This will still allow you to feel part of group learning and will still be led by our highly experienced facilitators. There will be opportunities to ask questions and participate as you would in a normal training session.  Our booking process will still remain the same and will be explained in more detail below.

We look forward to meeting you online and will of course keep you updated throughout the autumn term regarding when we are able to offer CPD training face to face once again.

Current Courses

Click the course names in the tabs below on the left to view information about each course and book your place.